Kourtney Mallard
Contact Me: kourtney.merrypopins@gmail.com

My Favourites:

Book – Oh The Places You Will Go

Color – Purple

Drink – Coffee

Kids Song – 5 Little Ducks

Food – Cheesecake

Animal – Dog (German Shepard)

Holiday – Christmas

This is my 1st  year at MPI


I live with:
My husband (Scott), our 5 children (Colbi, Tysen, Victoria,Thomas & Sophie), our 2 dogs (Levi & Raina) and my mother (Debbie)

My biggest fear is:
The Dark

The best thing about teaching is:
The children’s willingness to learn. They are eager and curious, with more questions than I have answers. They push me to keep learning!

“To succeed in life you need 3 bones… A wish bone, a backbone and a funny bone”