Englewood – Crapaud

Our school age program at Englewood runs before and after school.

Before School
The before school program operates out of Englewood from 7:15 am until 8:30 am. If you need to be to work before the bus picks up your child/ren this program is perfect for you.  You can drop the kids off early where they can have free play, finish up any last minute homework and socialize with friends before heading to class for the day.

After School
In the afternoon they are greeted by our program director when the bell rings, and our second staff joins the fun as well. When the children arrive they have time for a snack before they start their homework. During homework time the kids get a chance to read their school books, practice their math skills or review spelling.  We have lots of toys, crafts and equipment to keep the children entertained for hours. We do spend a lot of time outside which the children love and we have access to the gym for group play ans to run out some of that extra energy. Most days Moms and Dads have trouble convincing the children that it is time to go home.