Emotional Goals – 3 years

Rules and expectations will reflect the belief to “Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and be kind to the environment”. They are appropriate for the children’s development level, clearly set out in advance, and reinforced in a positive, sensitive way.

  • To introduce the infants to new experiences through song, stories, play and hands on experiences
  • To recognize their name in verbal communication
  • To help children begin to develop their fine motor and gross motor skills
  • To feed themselves: beginning with their hands and advancing to use of a spoon
  • To develop a beginning interest in books and songs
  • To address the individual developmental needs of each child
  • To have a positive atmosphere for growth and development
  • To encourage each infant to grow in his or her ability to cope with new situations.
  • To stimulate each infant in the individual areas that are necessary for proper growth and development
  • To keep parents informed of growth and change in each infant
  • To have fun