Emergent Curriculum

We follow an emergent curriculum that is based upon the student’s interest and passions as well as the educator’s. To plan an emergent curriculum requires observation, documentation, creative brainstorming, flexibility and patience. Rather than starting with a lesson plan which requires a “hook” to get the children interested, emergent curriculum starts with the children’s interests. This is not to say that the educator has no input, in fact educators may well have a general topic they think is important for children to learn about and they may purposely include certain materials or experiences related to it as jumping off points.

Why do we do this?

Because this is how children learn best. Recent research indicates that children learn best by doing and self-directing, not by sitting before an educator that imparts their knowledge. We believe that children learn by seeing and doing. We believe in allowing them to be their own director and that this will in turn lead to a future love of learning. We believe that “children learn through play”. We plan our programs and track the children’s development with the use of the PEI Department Of Education And Early Childhood Development’s Early Learning Curriculum Framework.